About Kate

Author, Poet, and Citizen of the World

Writers Who Inspire Kate

Barbara Kingsolver:" Writing and reading are the two best ways humans have invented to participate with the larger world." 

Maya Angelou: "I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it." 

Kate Bariletti

Kate's Philosophy

​Out Now​

Words are a powerful medium of change and influence in the world. 

​Kate chooses to publish work that enhances human dignity and peace, regardless of genre, theme, setting, or character.

She believes that her books offer a unique filter with which to view the world.

If you have comments or questions, drop me a note.

Kate has been writing since she was a five year old asking her mother how to spell words. When she was 10, she sent Robert Frost an illustrated poem. His response to 'keep writing' has inspired her throughout her life.

Kate has published poetry, short stories and a young adult novel, Nairobi Alert, which has gathered outstanding reviews from many adult readers. 

Most of her life includes writing. Kate grew up and worked as a teacher in Washington State in the USA. She earned her Master's degree in Education from Seattle University and participated in the National Writing Project through the University of Washington. She especially enjoyed teaching writing and world cultures, as well as mentoring student and adult writers. Kate travels throughout the world and still maintains friendships with people she has met along the way.