Kate Bariletti

"Well written adventure thriller about the daughter of an American diplomat getting accustomed to living in Kenya. Kate Bariletti deftly introduces facts about Kenya, while sprinkling lovely descriptions about the people and the culture. Add in intrigue and political issues for realism and you get a powerful picture of African life. The story is insightful as it is exciting. A wonderful read for YA that will keep them engaged and able to discuss the well defined and realistic picture of African life".

"It should be on every secondary teacher's book shelf! I really enjoy reading a story that takes place in Kenya! All new information for me."

"The book's resident teen, Megan is a typical teenage girl with a typical teenage character, living a not so typical life. Her persona is not sugar coated in any way, shape, or form making her character very believable".

Reviews for Nairobi Alert

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"Loved this short story by Kate Bariletti. Makes you ponder on the true love between two people and how the bonds we form stay with us, no matter what has separated us from one another.
Anyone who has lost a love one will understand In Touch".

Reviews for In Touch

Middle-aged Michael encounters experiences of his recently deceased wife, who was an opera singer. Is it his grief playing with his mind?

Or are there events science just can't explain?

​In Touch is a short story that challenges conventional belief regarding scientific acceptance of life after death. 

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Follow Megan, a white American teen, as she experiences the different culture of Nairobi. She forms deep, cross-cultural friendships. She thrives on the differences in language, food, and music. A school project pushes her to her limits when she sees the devastation of poverty and AIDS.

While Megan is living in Nairobi, security is high and ever present due to terrorist threat. She and her friends face life-threatening disaster when they are caught up in a horrendous attack.

​Nairobi Alert will get you thinking about some of the big questions facing the world today.